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Where Can I Buy Fake Grass for Dogs?

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Every homeowner dreams of a plush green lawn in the backyard where kids and pets get to play. The problem is that natural yards are challenging to achieve and maintain. Natural lawns require regular mowing, irrigation, overseeding, and yearly weed treatments. Dogs can easily undo all this hard work by digging out patches and killing some portions with urine.

Artificial lawns or fake grass are the perfect alternatives, saving you thousands of dollars and time in maintenance. They remain green all year, they have superior drainage and can withstand your dogs’ activities in their pet turf. Needless to say, they are pet friendly artificial grass perfect for dog parks.  

Fake grass for dogs allows intense activity, so you don’t have to worry about your dogs turning your backyard into a mud pit. There’ll be no dirty footprints on your furniture or muddy paws around your house. Perfect for pet owners. 

Our team at Durham Artificial Grass has more than 35 years of horticulture to ensure we deliver your dream artificial lawn.


1. Mud-free, Stain-free Lawn without Holes

Artificial grass prevents dogs from reaching the ground surface or soil, which translates to a mud-free home even during the rainy season.

Additionally, our artificial grass options do not react to dog waste and urine. You’ll never have to deal with yellow or dead patches and discolored areas on your lawn. 

The grass is robust, which ensures durability even if you have larger or heavier breeds. It withstands all weather, so your lawn will remain perfect all year.

2. Safe for All Dogs

Artificial grass is gentle on dogs’ fur and soft for the dogs to roll around, run and play like natural grass. The difference is the minimal maintenance required and high durability.

At Durham Artificial Grass, we ensure the grass is free from poisonous chemicals and toxins, making it safe for all pets. Get in touch with us and enjoy your peace of mind, knowing your gorgeous lawn will not harm your best friends.

3. Low Maintenance

Most dog owners struggle to maintain lush green natural lawns. Artificial grass requires no irrigation, fertilizing, mowing, or re-turfing.

If your dogs make a mess, it’s easy to clean, sanitize and disinfect the areas to ensure a clean, odor-less lawn.

4. Perfect for Other Pets

If you have other pets such as cats in your home, you’ll be happy to know that they love artificial grass too. The grass is soft, so they have no problem stretching and rolling around with your dogs. 

The grass doesn’t stain, so if your cats urinate or poop, you’ll scoop up and hose down the area.

5. Easy to Clean

No one looks forward to stepping into your backyard only to smell dog waste from afar. When properly maintained, artificial grass doesn’t absorb smells, and the drainage holes prevent dog urine from forming puddles. 

It’s easy to scoop waste and wash away any stains using a garden hose. You will have to hose the turf down with Ez-Clean on a regular basis to manage any potential smells from urine during the hot summer months. It also reduces clean-ups inside your home since artificial grass doesn’t get muddy.

6. It's Long-lasting and Highly Durable

Artificial grass is perfect for the areas where your dogs spend more time. Besides your lawn, you can also have fake grass inside your dogs’ kennels, and dog runs.

Unlike natural lawns, fake grass doesn’t wear and tear due to continuous use. It won’t thin with time, so it only needs brushing periodically to maintain plumpness.

7. It can enhance your Dogs' Health

Artificial grass can promote your dogs’ health in various ways, such as:

Lower Stress:

Dogs quickly experience stress, especially in a new home. Worrying about when they have permission to play outside or where to do their business can cause additional stress.

Artificial grass eliminates this worry since there’s no risk of damage. Your dogs can play around your lawn without fear and stress.

More Exercise:

Artificial grass can withstand extreme weather conditions, unlike natural grass. It doesn’t dry out or overheat in the summer or get muddy and slippery each time it rains. 

Your furry family members can enjoy more playtime and the freedom to play outside regardless of the season. They can get the necessary exercise to remain happy and healthy all year round. 

No Toxic Chemicals:

Maintaining natural grass requires fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to kill weeds. Such chemicals can potentially harm your pets if they breathe or ingest them.

Artificial grass carries no such risks since you only need water and cleaning agents to keep your lawn fresh.

8. Fewer Bugs and Pest Infestations

Some animal pests also thrive in natural environments such as tall grass and moist soil. For instance, some residential areas are prone to ticks and fleas.

Your dogs can easily pick such pests on your neighbor’s lawn during walks. The best move is to install fake grass for dogs to avoid expensive vet bills.

You can rest easy knowing your dogs are safe to roll on the lawn without the risk of infestation or bites.

9. Comfortable Feel

Artificial turf has a soft feel, which most pets find inviting. The grass is soft to step on and doesn’t get too slippery when wet.

With no risk of discoloration, holes, dry spots, weeds, chemicals, or pests, your dog has the freedom to live and play happily ever after.

10. Efficient Drainage

Dogs enjoy a cool, dry lawn to roll in the grass. Our artificial grass options have the perfect design to allow faster drying after washing, snow, or rain.

The base beneath the grass blades has a network of tunnels that enhance the flow rate and keeps the turf above the ground surface.

11. Artificial Grass is Perfect for Indoors Too

You can use artificial grass indoors, especially when potty training puppies, older or disabled dogs who cannot go outside.

You can place smaller patches inside your house in areas without a carpet. It will also make cleaning up easier since you can move the patch. 

You can also install artificial grass on patios and balconies if you live in an apartment. It’s a great way to guide your dog to the areas they should pee since it’s not confusing like regular litter boxes.


There are several aspects to consider when looking for artificial turf for your beloved dogs, including:

• Material

Material is an essential factor to consider when choosing fake grass for dogs. The best artificial grass has polypropylene or polyethylene to ensure durability in harsh weather. It also ensures your lawn resists urine or waste damage and foot traffic.

The turf should have some infill in the thatch layer of the artificial grass. Ensure you confirm it has enough holes to ensure drainage without retaining urine. 

The infill also makes the grass more comfortable, so it feels bouncier when walking around.

• Density and Pile Height

In artificial grass, pile height is the length of the blades of grass on the turf. Various heights are available, from 0.8 inches (2.032 cm) to 1.6 inches (4.064 cm) and above.

A lower pile height allows faster drainage, but the turf has less cushion. A higher pile height lasts longer and has a more cushioned and comfortable feel.

Artificial grass also has varying densities. The density measurements are in the form of turf face weight, which depends on the weight of the turf (in ounces) per square yard.

Typically, fake grass for dogs has a density of between 40 and 80 ounces (about 1.2 to 2.3 Kg) per square yard. Higher density indicates more durability and a springier feel when you walk on it.

• Resistance To Fading

It’s essential to ensure your artificial lawn can withstand UV rays without the color fading.

At Durham Artificial Grass, we check UV resistance to ensure your lawn retains the plush green color even under the summer heat.

• Ease of Installation

Artificial grass is available as rolls or mats. Mats vary from 3 X 5 feet (91 X 152 cm) to 7 X 13 feet (214 X 397 cm), while larger synthetic grass strips are available as rolls like carpets to simplify installation. 

These rolls vary in width, starting from 15 feet (457 cm) wide and in longer rolls such as 100 feet (3048 cm).

• Drainage and Maintenance

Dogs are notorious for doing their business anywhere. As you compare artificial grass, ensure you confirm the drainage system. 

The artificial turf should have exit points allowing the liquid to drain into the ground. 

Maintenance processes for artificial grass are simple. You’ll only have to hose down the grass occasionally to remove dirt and debris that collects on the surface.


  • If you notice a bad odor on your artificial grass, mix water and vinegar in equal parts, spray the area then rinse with water.

  • Brushing against the grain maintains the grass’s perky appearance.

  • Avoid using a vacuum cleaner because the infill can ruin the cleaner.

  • Remove pet hair thrice a year to avoid excessive buildup. You can use a garden vacuum or a stiff brush in case you don’t have one. Brush along the grain in sweeping motions to ball up the hair for easy removal.

  • Use EzClean natural bioenzyme cleaner. It’s a safer solution to help revitalize your artificial grass


Fake grass for dogs eliminates most challenges that homeowners with dogs experience. 

At Durham Artificial Grass, we use high-quality products, which is why we are confident in backing them up with 15 years or Limited Lifetime Warranties.

Our experts work with you to ensure we deliver the perfect lawn: no more chemicals, mud pits, thin patches, and high water bills.

At Durham Artificial Grass, we have various artificial grass options to ensure your lawn blends flawlessly with your landscape and style. Get in touch with us today, and rest easy knowing your furry friends can safely play all year round.

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