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TºCool is an artificial turf, performance based, cooling infill that is engineered to work through the same thermoregulation process our bodies use to keep us cool – evaporative cooling. TºCool simply requires hydration, which can come from irrigation, rainfall, or humidity. Similar to natural grass, T°Cool utilizes the moisture that it holds to create powerful evaporative cooling of the artificial turf surface – Up to 50ºF cooler synthetic turf surface temperatures.

TºCool is the only technology based infill on the market today. TºCool is 100% non toxic, non hazardous and cools your turf up to 50ºF for multiple days on one water “charge”. This breakthrough technology not only drives down the temperature on synthetic turf surfaces, but also reduces friction to help combat skin turf burns. T°Cool makes synthetic turf surfaces more playable for millions

  • Mimics a natural grass system – soil supporting turf blades
  • Maintains turf’s aesthetic for years by keeping artificial turf blades upright
  • Adds ballast and weight for the artificial turf system
  • Creates footing and a more natural grass feel
  • Protects your turf by creating a barrier between harmful UV rays and the backing of your synthetic turf/li>
  • Provides performance and safety. Attenuates shock for athletes and provides proper footing on sports fields, playgrounds, and recreational areas./li>

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