Hassle Free, Easy Maintenance Artificial Grass

Are you unable to make time to maintain that lush green natural lawn? We offer artificial grass in Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas. Manufactured in North America, it is a true outdoor carpet that not only saves you money but is 100% recyclable and can also address the primary environmental concerns of maintaining real turf that involves watering and mowing.

Products of high quality are used and you can be sure that your investment is safe because all of our landscape artificial turf comes with a 15 year manufacturing warranty and our putting green materials come with an 8 year manufacturing warranty as well. If you would like a personal consultation, contact us today or book an appointment to meet with our estimator. 

Don’t Spend Extra Time Maintaining Your Lawn

Transform your property into the perfect outdoor oasis with our professional landscaping services in the Greater Toronto Area. Power up those summer days while saving big on water bills! You won’t need to purchase fertilizers or weed killers, and you can even say goodbye to that lawn mower. Plus, all of our product installations carry a manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind about quality standards across every aspect of your new lawn’s installation process.

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Lush Green Lawn Year Round With The Highest Quality Artificial Grass

Why Artificial Grass? Beautiful Green Grass all year round and no more harmful weed spray, fertilizer, watering, resodding or seeding.

Perfect For:


At Durham Artificial Grass, we have several artificial grass options that will blend perfectly with your surrounding landscape. Artificial Grass means you’ll see a vibrant and appealing space throughout the year, in every season. Sometimes it may be hard to make a choice because all options seem suitable – don’t worry! Our crew is happy to discuss our products and help you make an informed decision for your home. Prior to installing your new landscape, we’ll consider irrigation, the surrounding vegetation, tree mound placement and help you transition to Artificial Grass with no hassle.

Keep your play area as safe as possible with a foam underlay instead of a traditional granular base to achieve fall height ratings and keep kids safe while playing.

Commercial Space

Looking for some spare time however unsure how you’re going to get it? This could be the solution for you! Green grass all-year round with minimal maintenance.

Keep your pool clean while enjoying your area around it! Artificial Grass will allow you to enjoy your pool without the mud and grass clipping in the water.


Let your pet’s run without the worry of a messy house after. With a 6” granular base underneath the artificial turf, your pet’s paws will always been clean. No more mud!

Transform your outdoor space with beautiful artificial grass for your patio! Create an inviting, low-maintenance atmosphere that’s perfect for entertaining all summer long. 

Transform your waterfront property with artificial grass and get the most out of your outdoor space! Enjoy lush, stylish, sustainable lawns with no mowing, watering, or weeding – so you can spend more time relaxing by the water!

Rooftop applications provide a great alternative to the concrete space. With E108 Fire Rating turf, you can transform your space to provide an entirely new updated look. 

Artificial Turf can be easily added to your balcony to add green space to your small space. Pair it with Air Drain underneath to complete the perfect installation.

Lawn Care

Looking to create the perfect soccer field, bocce court, football field, weight training area? Sports turf allows you to create that perfect place to play work out and/or train whether it is an indoor or outdoor application.


  • Comprised of the highest and best grade of components and safety measures throughout the manufacturing process; from tufting, coating, secondary coating, and extrusion
  • Exceptional durability with our backing that allows for breathability and drainage
  • Landscape artificial turf comes with a 15 year manufacturing warranty
  • Putting green materials come with an 8 year manufacturing warranty
  • Custom design build installations
  • Multi-purpose, allowing for a variety of uses for one area depending on your needs
  • Ideally suited to multiple applications – landscape, golf, pet, playground, rooftops, commercial, poolside, and more
  • Helps prevent erosion by protecting the ground beneath and keeping it in place
  • Water preservation as it does not demand watering like traditional sod lawns
  • Aesthetically pleasing with the ultra-realistic look and feel, staying green year round
  • Fully recyclable
  • Limited vapors to environment with low to no off gassing when newly installed
  • Less pollution as there is no need for lawn maintenance and the petrol fuel vapors associated with the lawn mowers and other maintenance tools
  • Limits the use of hazardous chemicals as found with weed killers or harsh fertilizers
  • Extremely low maintenance holding up beautifully regardless of the weather, month, or season
  • Long lasting, durable and holding its beautifully manicured look from day one and able to withstand heavy play, foot traffic and use year after year
  • Environmentally friendly

We have experts available to answer any questions you may have about our Artificial Grass products

Investing in artificial grass is a smart choice for those seeking a beautiful, low maintenance outdoor space that can be enjoyed year-round. Our range of high-quality synthetic turfs offer a realistic, natural-looking finish that will leave your backyard looking flawless. Whether you’re looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, create more space for outdoor activities, or save time and money on maintenance costs, we have the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to schedule your installation and discover the many benefits of our premium artificial grass products!

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At Durham Artificial Grass, we are here to support DIY Projects, Contractors and provide professional installations. Our staff are backed by 35+ years of horticulture knowledge to provide you with the best possible service for you and your projects.

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