Why EnvyLawn

EnvyLawn is a superior brand of premium synthetic turf for residential, commercial, golf, pet and landscape applications.

Founded in 1983, EnvyLawn has grown to be one of the most preferred and innovative artificial turf companies in the world. They have worked on projects of all sizes and applications. Their extensive turf experience and knowledge has allowed them to continually develop and produce the highest quality artificial turf in the industry.

EnvyLawn products are designed to not only look and feel great, but also perform at the highest level, consistently tested to ensure they meet or exceed ASTM industry standards.  EnvyLawn’s turf products have proven durability that also come with a one-time transferable warranty. Superior in quality not in price.


As part of the Tencate Grass family, EnvyLawn has access to the industry’s best synthetic fibers, as well as the latest in turf production technology.

The majority of fibers used in EnvyLawn products are extruded in the US (Dayton, TN) and then tufted and coated at a Tencate-owned facility in Dalton, GA. Being part of Tencate Grass provides an efficient, integrated structure which allows industry-leading control over the quality of its products.

Tencate Grass has a long history of excellence in fiber manufacturing and continues to drive improvements through its Center for Turf Innovation, which will bring additional advancement for EnvyLawn and its product offerings.

EnvyLawn”s primary backing is widely known as the most stable and consistent backing for both landscape and sports turf systems. K29 Backing provides increased dimensional stability and increased thermal stability compared to other backings, which prevents movement and other dimensional changes after installation.

 While other companies “claim” that their product is American made. All EnvyLawn products are truly made in the United States of America.

Some Other Great Reasons Why You Should Choose EnvyLawn Products

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