The primary backing provides the strength and stability of a  turf system, and the K29 backing is widely recognized as the most stable and consistent backing for both landscape, dog turf and sports turf systems. K29 provides increased dimensional stability and increased thermal stability compared to other backings, which prevents movement and other dimensional changes after installation.

K29 locks in fibers and helps the rows of tufted fibers be straight rather than skewed. Fibers stand north and south in K29 eliminating pile layover unlike in other backings where fibers laying over east and west. The increased thermal stability of K29 decreases expansion and contraction on landscape installations and its dimensional stability decreases the amount of infill needed. EnvyFlo polyurethane coating locks in that dimensional stability.

As opposed to traditional needle-punched backings, the K29 backing is made of two layers, warp knitted together by sonic stitch. This provides a lighter, but significantly stronger, product. Our polyester warp yarn serves to enhance the product’s exceptional dimensional stability. It performs better than knitted products, as knitted products can fail underwater
and expand when pulled.

K29 ensures the longevity and stability of the entire turf system, locking the system in on the day of install and keeping it anchored for years to come.

k illustrated closeup
k illustrated closeup
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