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At Durham Artificial Grass we understand that pets can spend a lot of time outside, and that’s why we believe a custom designed artificial dog turf area for them to play and run on safely is essential.



The list of benefits when it comes to using artificial dog turf is pretty extensive, but let’s start with the fact that when using one of our top selling artificial dog grass, you no longer have to worry about brown or yellow stains on your lawn. Our dog grass cleans up quickly and drains liquids into the substrate below. All that’s needed for maintenance after waste pickup is an occasional spray from the hose, and your turf looks good as new.

When using artificial pet turf, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re using pet-safe fertilizers or pesticides often used on traditional lawns. Your EnvyLawn pet turf will look beautiful on it’s own with no chemicals needed. Pet turf cost may surprise you as it will very likely end up costing much less than regular lawn maintenance or hiring professional landscapers to do regular upkeep.

Lastly, our dog turf system is sanitary, quick draining and it eliminates worry about having a smelly lawn. We use odor-killing technology to ensure that your lawn looks great and never smells like pet waste.

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Pet Artificial Grass

EnvyFiber™ is our durable and long lasting pet turf yarn used exclusively in our EnvyPet turf product. If your dog is a digger, then you are no stranger to the perils of maintaining a nice lawn with a pup running around. Even when they aren’t digging, a fun game of fetch or running around with another dog can dig up the yard, especially when it’s wet. But these are all worries of the past with our EnvyFiber™ technology. Your dogs can sprint as fast as they want and play rough without destroying your lawn and they certainly won’t lose any traction running on our pet turf.

Not to mention the fact that the dog won’t be getting so dirty themselves since our pet grass installation won’t expose them to standing dirt or mud. With artificial dog turf there will be no more muddy paw prints tracking through your house after being outside following a good rain. And no more needing to wrangle your dog while you try to clean and dry them off if they’ve been out in the yard rolling in a mud puddle. Our EnvyPet dog and pet turf with our superior EnvyFiber™ yarn will meet the needs of your furry friend while maintaining the manicured lawn of your dreams.

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  • Pet friendly, non-toxic and safe for pets and children
  • Durable adherence that will not shift regardless of rough play or heavier pets
  •  Realistic looking pet grass for dog run, kennel or pet play area
  • Varying blades of grass, colors and height to provide a ultra-realistic look and feel
  •  Quick draining and drying to quickly handle pet liquids and greater odor control
  •  Flow through backing system allows for rainfall drainage to prevent water accumulation
  • Water dissipation and drainage rates:
          ASTM f1551
          900+ Inches/Hour
          6.73 Sec/6” Zone
          300.15 Gal/min/yd2
  • For greater safety our pet grass carries a fire rating of ASTM D2859
  • Pleasing aesthetics in both look and feel with our ultra-realistic blends perfect for multi use areas that pets, children and adults can share the space
  • Short pile height makes for better traction for paws and easier cleanup
  •  Looks great year round regardless of the season, heavy use
  •  Low maintenance and easy to clean simply gather the solid waste and dispose, a quick rinse with the hose to freshen the pet grass or if you prefer allow solid waste to break down and drain away
  • This product is also ideal for commercial use, rooftops, side yard, front or back yard installations and more

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