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The golf swing has been called the athletic movement that most rewards consistency — and most requires upkeep. Practicing at home by hitting into a net or a tarp gives you a much better chance of repeating your swing, which is bound to improve your tempo, balance and consistency. A purpose-built artificial surface for hitting off is vital, because no lawn could handle the wear and tear and no carpet or pad will keep your hands and wrists safe from injury. 

For the best results, you’ll want to stick to a mat that’s at least four feet by five feet so you can take your proper stance. However, if you prefer to have a custom size, we can accommodate your request.  

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ultimate tee

Custom Driving Mats:

  • Available in 2 styles of turf
  • Use with or without Tee’s
  • Available with or without rubber backing
  • Available with or without Rubber tee pre installed
  • Pricing based on sizes
  • Incredibly resilient and long lasting
  • Works with normal golf tees
  • Feels like real turf at impact 
  • Tour-level quality

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