Keeping cool during the warm seasons out in direct sunlight can be a challenge. However, with EnvyChill it is easier than before to keep your family and four-legged family members cooler. EnvyChill is THE environmentally responsible alternative to help cool down your turf up to 9 degrees depending on local surroundings.

It has a unique crystalline structure that aids in natural heat reduction through slow evaporative cooling. With its innovative engineering, it can replace traditional infills, eliminating problems associated with other alternatives—decay, flotation, dust, migration (due to wind, rainfall and foot traffic), and the need for constant watering of the turf to maintain efficacy.

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EnvyChill ™ is produced by living organisms that reduces atmospheric carbon dioxide, sustainable by constantly being replenished, dredged – not mined, which reduces a carbon footprint, and does not contribute to microplastic issues since it can be fully recycled/repurposed.

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