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Artificial Grass Cleaner

Many homeowners are taking the opportunity to install artificial grass lawns. After doing some much needed homework on such an investment. They come to realize they do not require even half the amount of care and maintenance as do natural grass lawns. You don’t have to fertilize, mow, aerate, or water synthetic grass.

Just because it doesn’t have as many maintenance requirements doesn’t mean it doesn’t require any maintenance. Influences including pets, kids, high traffic areas, or even a lot of plants and tress can all determine how often you need to clean your artificial grass.

Pets can pee and poop on artificial grass just like they would on natural grass. The good news is that you will not have to clean urine from your artificial grass. It drains away in the same way as rainwater. However, you will need to scoop up and dispose of pet poop just as you would do when your furry friend makes a mess on regular grass.

When it comes to pets and artificial grass, there is one thing that pet owners will need to keep in mind: odor. Even the best artificial grass will eventually start to give off an odor if your pet pees and poops on it. Luckily, if you are wondering what neutralizes pet waste and eliminates that nasty odor, we have a solution for you.

Ez-Clean a bioenzyme cleaner is a safer solution to help revitalize your artificial grass and can also be used for almost any thing in your home.


 Ez-clean is a ready to use, fully formulated liquid blend of microbes for use in eliminating smells and degrading organic waste. The safe, naturally occurring bacteria are present in high numbers to handle difficult organic problems. These synergistic cultures will provide excellent breakdown of starches, carbohydrates, tissues, fats, grease and oils.


 Ez-Clean is bacteria. Not the nasty bacteria that makes you sick but the good bacteria that eats gross and gooey things. Think of ez-clean as the workers that you spray into the trenches to do all the nasty work, so you don’t have to worry. Ez-clean eats the pee, the poop, the bile, the blood, the sweat and other stinky stuff, leaving nothing behind.  Just spray and rinse. NO SMELL!  NO STAIN!    


Ez-clean was originally created to clean smells and organics off synthetic grass and found that it works on so much more. Ez-clean are continually trying their product on new and different applications indoor and out. Anywhere they have an odour or stain issue, they use ez-clean. So far, the application of this product seems to be endless. Below are recommend uses for the product.


Dog Runs & Kennels, Litter Boxes, Organic Carpet Stains, Organic Upholstery Stains, Garbage Cans, Sport Equipment, Laundry, Decks, Fences, Real Grass, Synthetic Grass, Mildew Smell, Smoke Smell, Skunk Smell, Vehicles, RV Toilets, Septic Tanks, Mattress Stains, Medical Scrubs, Stock Trailers, Barns


If you were looking for a great product, that is Canadian made by people who know stink, well look no further. This product is ready to handle difficult organic problems, smells, or gross situations that you may have.


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