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Artificial Grass Infill

As you sit back and watch your professional artificial grass installers finished installing your project. You’re excited to invite friends and family over to proudly show case your new landscape. But there remains one step before your installation can be finished properly. Adding T-Cool infill. T-Cool Infill is very important to every artificial grass installation because it functions in several interesting ways. It creates a stable base to support the blades upright and to retain its resilience against the years of abuse. T-Cool Infill gives “life” and longevity to your artificial grass surface. Protects from UV radiation and acts like a cooling system. It is a critical part of a proper artificial grass installation. Let’s take a look at why.

Why You Need Artificial Grass Infill?

First, artificial grass infill weighs down the turf. The weight is distributed over the entire lawn area and provides the added assurance that the turf won’t move or wrinkle over time. It helps prevent the turf from looking like carpet that needs to be stretched when it expands and contracts during periods of warm and cold weather.

Second, after hours of foot traffic on the grass, artificial grass infill helps prevent your grass from taking on a matted-down look. Infill helps grass blades in heavy traffic areas, especially, maintain their integrity and shape. As pressure is applied, the blades will bend down under weight and then spring back up into a standing position once pressure is released. Think of it sort of like a memory foam.

Third, infill protects your artificial grass backing system. The backing system is the support structure built right into your grass. By adding T-cool infill you will protect this important system from foot traffic and from UV radiation. While it’s true the backing systems are very durable, infill adds a layer of protection to help to extend the useful life of your artificial grass lawn.


Last but not lest the sun can heat some types of artificial grass up to the point that they are uncomfortable to walk on in bare feet. Synthetic turf has the potential to reach temperatures of 60°, often registering over 70° during the summer in some climates, which can be dangerous for family, friends & Pets. T-Cool acts like a cooling system which makes the artificial grass safer to be on during heat waves. 

How Much Do You Need?

To better understand the correct amount of infill to use on your artificial grass application, you must first start with the types of turf. Are you installing a landscape turf or putting green? For most residential landscape applications, the safe bet is 2Lbs per square foot of T-cool artificial grass infill.  You won’t need to replace your T cool infill on a regular basis at all. If you have your artificial grass installed in a situation that it will be easily washed or slipped away, you might need to add some, but you never will need to replace it. For most flat installations with regular traffic, you might never need to add more during the whole lifetime of your turf.


Installing an artificial grass lawn or putting greens can be a demanding process. So, it’s understandable when, after all the hard work is “complete”, you look at your new landscape and think you can get away without that final step of adding infill. Don’t do it. Insist your professional installers, get their spreaders out and add T-Cool artificial grass infill.  Spend the extra money now rather than later. When it’s all done, in the end, you’ll be glad you did.

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