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Artificial Grass for Dog Potty

 When you are a parent of a pet, you are responsible for many things. Love and affection to name a couple and most important the health and happiness of your pet. There is no doubt Artificial grass will beautify your home, but the most important aspect of a pet relief area is the performance. We understand that pets can be hard on your lawn and artificial grass with the proper drainage system is designed to meet the needs of pet owners. All the artificial grass products we carry have been tested and are safe not only for your pet, but also the environment and most importantly, you and your family.



 Depending on where you live and how you treat your lawn, it can be dangerous for our pets. If we have grass and use fertilizer or other chemicals to keep the lawn green and weed free, those chemicals, in turn, could cause serious illness to our pets. Artificial Grass provides environmentally friendly green lawn that will be safe for pets, and it comes virtually maintenance free. Artificial grass is exceptionally durable.  It can withstand wear and tear, is weather-proof, does not dry out, does not get waterlogged, and will not fall victim to pest infestations.  Artificial grass keeps the dirt and mud off your pets no matter what the weather is like outside. No muddy paws means no mud tracked in the house. No more digging holes in the yard and getting dirt all over the place. Artificial grass can be softer and easier on your dog’s feet. Artificial Grass also can be softer for them to play in and roll around on, especially if your grass lawn is not idea. Shaded yards, lawns with lots of trees will have large patches where you can’t get grass to grow.



 Not all artificial grass is made equal. Quality can range from fake plastic, yarn, and synthetic fibers that feel and look natural. We always use the highest quality artificial grass when installing any project. Our North American product is made with poly ethaline (yarn) vs Polypropylene (garbage bags).


Odor is a major concern for pet owners when installing artificial grass for dog potty. Cleaning up after your furry friend is easier with artificial grass. You can pick up the dog potty or wash it away with a spray of a hose. However, there are occasionally problems for pet owners with urine and home deposit areas on artificial grass. Mostly with artificial grass, some urine is absorbed but not all. Over time this can lead to a bad smell in your yard, even with constant clean up. We highly recommend using a professional grade highly concentrated bio enzyme cleaner. It will help neutralize odors in the future keeping your lawn fresh and urine free.

Hiring professionals to install artificial grass will help you increase the overall quality of your artificial grass. Durability is vital for pet owners. Professionals can help with any safety hazards by installing turf properly throughout your yard. Another significant factor is durability. If your pet is extremely active, digs holes, or plays rough with your yard, it is important to have a proper install with seamless edges.

Infill is the layer underneath artificial grass and is just as important as the turf grass itself. Infill weighs down the turf. This helps prevent the turf from looking like carpet that needs to be stretched when it expands and contracts during periods of warm and cold weather. After hours of foot traffic on the grass, infill helps prevent your grass from taking on a matted-down look. For pet owners we suggest infill that contains antimicrobial coating which helps stop the spread of bacteria from pet waste, making it a safer environment for your family. Most importantly infill cools down artificial grass during hot temperatures. A big problem with pet owners who do not use a proper infill is the grass quickly heats up making it hot for pets to walk on.

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