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Why Choose Artificial Grass?

Spending time with family and friends in a backyard summer oasis is our mission at Durham Artificial Grass. We believe investing in your yard is a great decision. What better way to achieve that yard than with artificial grass.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Your Home

After the initial expense of having artificial grass installed at your home. The cost of upkeep and keeping it looking green will no longer be a weekly expense. With the low maintenance and money saving advantages in keeping your lawn looking healthy and fresh. No use of lawnmowers, trimmers, pesticides, and fertilizers there is no need to water your lawn, therefore lowering water bills. Artificial grass from time to time will require infill top up, brooming, and mild repairs. But still not the expense of traditional lawn care.

Good for the Environment

Our artificial grass helps reduces carbon emissions and is 100% recyclable. It helps address the primary environmental concerns of maintaining real turf that involves watering and mowing. The grass can be recycled at the end of its life so that it can be repurposed into other products. Some emissions and water are used in the manufacturing process of the artificial grass.  Those totals are much less than the emissions of perpetual lawn care and pales in comparison to the persistent watering that is necessary to keep real grass lush and healthy. The artificial grass scores an obvious win on this one.

Great for Kids & Pet use

Artificial grass is great for children’s play areas, safe for pets, and allows for air flow resulting in a weatherproof product. Our artificial grass options are sturdy and damage resistant. No more mud, pests, or puddles to deal with unlike natural grass resulting in pesticides, fertilizers, and harmful chemicals to keep it looking its best. This means our grass is worry free from those chemicals. This allows children and pets to play safely in a safe environment.

Long Lasting

Artificial grass is incredibly durable. It can withstand wear and tear, is weather-proof, does not dry out, does not get waterlogged. Because it is so durable and because there are not uneven patches of grass, this type of landscape will last significantly longer than natural grass. It can be played on, no matter the weather conditions. Unlike traditional grass that can be easily ripped up when it is wet outside; artificial grass can be played on during every season, even in the winter. A little or a lot of snow will not damage your grass in any way. If anything, the covering of snow helps protect the grass. You can be sure that your investment is safe. The artificial grass comes with a 15 year to limited lifetime warranties backed by the manufacturers.

Installing artificial grass on your property is one of the most cost-effective methods of adding value and curb appeal to your property. An artificial lawn is a huge selling point to potential buyers for many reasons.

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