EYE XO Launch Monitor

EYE XO offers more data points for passioned golfers looking to sharpen their skills and elevate their game. 

With unrivaled non-marked ball technology, and flexibility for right and left-handed golfers, it uses dual high-speed cameras to capture every single detail of your swing.  

Desktop Hero EYEXO

Read your Ball Spin

Understanding your golf ball data is the first step to consistently landing the ball where you intended. With the Ball Optix™ technology you see the data real time on every shot

See Your Club Path

Smart practise means that you learn to hit the ball on the sweet spot of the club with an amazing level of regularity. See what your club does at the moment of impact in real time with the EYE OX Club Optix™ technology.

Analyze and Improve Your Swing

High Speed, Global Shutter, High-Definition: Grabbing your swing motion in 180 fps and 1440×1080 resolution.  EYE OX Swing Optix™ technology. (Sold Separately)

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